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For most industries and sectors, traditional management contracts have since been replaced by collaborative working. We understand the leisure industry is no exception, which is why our philosophy is based on aspiring to reach common goals through collaboration with other agencies and experts. Here’s our latest case studies:


Play Outreach Case Study

North Kesteven District is a largely rural area with a population of 109,263 living in 72 parish locations. Many of these small villages have very little if any local activity provision.

Play Outreach case study >>

"I know my daughters are safe when the team arrives and are going to have a great time. The events are well co-ordinated and all the staff take their jobs seriously whilst allowing the children to have fun. I am so grateful for all the handwork that goes into these days."

    Anna Cutts, mum to Sophie age 7 and Lilly age 5


Go Green Case Study

In the modern world it is essential all organisations take ownership of their environmental responsibilities and this is of even greater importance for those in the Leisure Industry...

Go Green case study >>

"1Life supports the Council’s carbon and energy agenda by minimising energy use in the 3 leisure centres on a day to day basis."

    Mark Wilson, Energy Officer, Uttlesford District Council


Vitality Case Study

Launched in Lincolnshire in 2009, Vitality aims to increase exercise participation in older populations and in younger people with medical conditions.

Vitality case study >>

"Vitality classes have helped me greatly. I have COPD but my lung function has not deteriorated since I’ve been attending classes. During my 3 years at Vitality I have had both hips replaced and quickly regained normal mobility."

    Mr S. Aged 71, Sleaford


Special Olympics St Albans

Through research we know that people with a learning disability find it difficult to access mainstream sport with very little sporting providing in most districts for disabled sport. 

Special Olympics case study >>

"Special Olympics and Passport to Leisure have allowed Tom to grow in his personal development regarding confidence, social skills, friendships, language, and most importantly independence; giving him the opportunity to become a confident adult in the community."

    Mrs Johnson


Community Relationships

This case study looks at some of the techniques that have been used to cement local relationships and generate local employment opportunities, which have led to West Devon’s leisure facilities being central to community life.

Community case study >>

"1Life are playing a key role in improving community engagement and delivering better outcomes for West Devon."

    Jon Parkinson, Leisure Contract and Recreation Officer, West Devon Borough Council


Investment & Refurbishment

Historically Wokingham Borough Council had three successful leisure centres which were all operated by 1Life. Carnival Pool & Fitness Centre, a dual-use centre, St Crispins and the largest Loddon Valley Leisure Centre.

Investment case study >>

"Bulmershe is looking very professional with your branding it has been transformed. Your team really worked hard on Bulmershe with tight timescales and the result is excellent."

    Beverley Thompson, Sport and Leisure Manager, Wokingham Borough Council

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