Joining a gym is simple and easy and provides you with a variety of workout opportunities all under one roof, and often in one room!

Where else could you cycle for 10 minutes, then lift some weights and finish it off with a spot of rowing? The gym offers a great way to keep fit without worrying about the weather changing your plans, and gives you enough variety that you can create a personalised plan to target different areas and to achieve different goals.

By visiting one of our gyms, we can get you set up for your first session in no time, with a full induction and all the support you need to get started whether you are a complete beginner or an experienced gym bunny.


From treadmills and cross trainers to rowing machines and weights, our gyms are fully equipped with great equipment, and supportive technology including MYZONE to keep you motivated! 


We know it can be difficult to keep motivated when it comes to any exercise not just the gym – with so much going on at work and at home it can be hard to even find the time! By working with one of our team to design a workout plan which suits your lifestyle, we can make it even easier to fit fitness into your life. We’ll help you identify key goals that you want to achieve by attending the gym, and will work with you to not only work towards them, but achieve them and raise the bar. 



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