Celebrate Heart Month by making Healthy choices

This February is Heart Month. 1Life encourages everyone to take small steps towards a healthier lifestyle. Whether that's eating healthier, monitoring your intake of tobacco or alcohol, or taking your first exercise class, every little change improves your heart health.

The British Heart Foundation have some great “heart friendly” things you can do to help improve your lifestyle. Download their free 10 minutes to change your life booklets and get advice any anything from lowering your stress levels and blood pressure to reading some inspiring real life stories. Click here www.bhf.org.uk/heart-health/preventing-heart-disease/10-minutes-to-change-your-life

One of the main points The BHF promote is getting active and stepping up your activity levels. Throughout this month why not visit a 1Life centre near you www.1life.co.uk/1life-near-you to see how we can help you to be happy & healthy, register for a FREE 1life card www.1life.co.uk/register-free/ get a FREE 3 day trial. Also keep an eye out on your local leisure centres Facebook pages for upcoming events to support Heart Health this month.

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