Be fit and ready for Summer

We have thousands of people coming through our doors every week. What we love is that everyone has different reasons and motivations for visiting our centres. What we admire is everyone has the same goal – to live a happy and healthy life whatever stage in life they are.

Whether you are keen exercisers or totally new to the fitness world, we have something for everyone. Our couples membership means that you don’t have to do it alone – in fact working out together has been proven to help motivation and get results faster!

Enjoy the use of the facilities:

  • Unlimited use of the Swimming Pool (where available)
  • Unlimited attendance to daily group exercise classes including calm yoga, light body conditioning & indoor cycling
  • Unlimited use of the Gym facilities
  • Free fitness induction in the gym
  • A personalised exercise programme
  • Regular fitness reviews to keep you moving in the right direction
  • Invitations to local clubs, events and local activities
  • Access to other sports facilities and activities
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