Money Back Guarantee

To qualify for this offer, new customers or existing members:

    1. Must take out a new membership, renew or upgrade to a 12 month contract from January 2nd 2018. All admin should be completed and a 1Life Card collected from reception.
    2. You should complete the booking of & attend your 1st 5 STAR fitness check with a fitness professional from the 1Life, within 14 days of your new subscription starting.
    3. At the 5 STAR fitness check, you’ll be required to undertake 5 fitness metrics measures & the results will be recorded. It should take approx. 20mins.

    • Blood Pressure
    • Body Composition which is a height to waist ratio
    • Cardio fitness which is heart recovery measure via step test
    • Strength
    • Sit and Reach

    4. You’ll also need to complete the booking of & attend a 2nd 5 STAR fitness check with a fitness professional from 1Life within 90 days of the 1st check (+/- 7 days)

For the guarantee terms to be valid

    1. You are required to workout for a minimum of 24 times in your first 90 days, at any 1Life Centre, using your 1life card to record your attendance, either by swiping in or checking in at reception each time. Any gym, swim, sports, classes or activity based session is applicable.
    2. Follow the nutrition guidelines from PHE (Public Health England), ‘The Eat well Guide’ here.
    3. Book & attend two 5 STAR fitness checks.
    4. Members that do show an improvement in just 1 of the 5 fitness metrics, this means the guarantee terms has been achieved, even where the star scoring may remain the same.
    5. Whereas, members who do not show any improvement in any of the 5 fitness metrics, you can claim a 100% money back guarantee.
    6. Thus provided you’ve satisfied the terms of the guarantee, namely; recorded 24 activity based attendances, followed PHE nutritional guidelines, attended two 5 STAR fitness checks & not shown any improvement in any of the 5 fitness metrics, a refund of only the membership payments & start-up fees paid to 1Life over the 90 day period can be claimed.
    7. It is the members responsibility to claim the refund, within 30 days of completing the 2nd 5 STAR fitness check. Collect a Refund Form available from centre reception & return it to the General Manager. Refunds will take up to 30 days to be processed & payment made will be back to the members bank account on our database record. Therefore, it is the members responsibility to ensure your account details are up to date.
    8. Please contact the Centre should any circumstance change i.e.: pregnancy, injury or medical condition change, as this may result in the guarantee being forfeited.
    9. The offer and guarantee may be suspended and/or withdrawn by 1Life at any time with 7 days’ notice, any existing participants would be honoured.


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