We run a busy schedule of over 70 group exercise classes every week at our studios. Our courses have something for everyone we offer a mixture of Aerobic, Body Conditioning and Calm classes.

In addition to our wide range of Aqua, Pilates, Zumba and Circuits; Downham Health and Leisure Centre also offers multiple LesMills sports classes. Our LesMills high energy classes for every fitness level such as Body Pump or Body Step as well as high-intensity classes such as Body Pump and Grit Series inspired workout for everyone.

Our Gym provides GFCs (Gym floor classes) that are designed to guide and help you achieve your goals. These classes includes HIIT, Core and stretches. They focus on strength, power, endurance, cardiovascular energy, core stability and flexibility. These GFCs are designed for all abilities so book now and enjoy our new classes.

You can take a look at our group exercise timetable at the bottom of this page. To book a class through the 1Life APP or online, you must first register free for a 1Life card or be a current member.
You can also book by telephone on: 020 8461 9200


Take time out to relax and enjoy these classes, “Life takes it out of you.... these classes give it back.” Increase your flexibility, take an hour out of your busy schedule and learn to unwind. The best way to plan your group fitness workout is to aim to do at least one of each colour within a week.

Body Conditioning

Toning, strength and endurance. These classes are designed to get your muscles working and looking great.


Great for the heart & lungs and designed to get you a little out of breath. Experience fantastic results whilst increasing the efficiency of your heart & lungs as well as burning lots of calories.

Our Fitness Classes in Bromley


AQUA - The fun filled swimming pool class that will burn fat and get you toned - suitable for everyone!
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Les Mills Body Balance

BODYBALANCE™ is a new yoga class for anyone and everyone. It uses a range of movements and motion set to music that will improve your mind, your body and your life.
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PILATES - Using a series of low repetition, low impact stretching and conditioning exercises, Pilates will improve your posture and build your core strength (back, abdominal and pelvic muscles).
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Les Mills Body Combat

BODYCOMBAT™ is a high energy martial arts-inspired workout. You’ll learn how to punch, kick and strike your way to superior fitness and strength.
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Les Mills Body Pump

BODYPUMP™ is a weights class designed for absolutely everyone to enjoy.
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Les Mills Grit Series

The latest, hottest, hardcore fitness trend is launching around the UK: straight from top Kiwi fitness brand LES MILLS™
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Les Mills Body Step

BODYSTEP™ The fast paced, explosive step workout that will leave you upbeat and ready for more. Feel alive.
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ZUMBA® The class that started the dance-fitness revolution and changed the way we look at a “workout” forever. 
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CIRCUITS - It's fast, it's tough - no pain no gain with this action packed interval training based class.
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Downham Group Exercise Timetable

Downham Group Exercise Timetable