Our Gym at Downham has over 100 stations including a fully equipped cardio area with cable machines, battle ropes and TRX rig and strength area. Our free weights area has weights going up to 55kg. There are fitness instructors on hand to help you and personal trainers to ensure you hit your goals. Young people from 11 years old can go to the gym at 4-6pm weekdays and 12-2pm at weekends, they are supervised by the fitness instructors throughout.

Our Gym provides GFCs (Gym floor classes) that are designed to guide and help you achieve your goals. These classes includes HIIT, Core and stretches. They focus on strength, power, endurance, cardiovascular energy, core stability and flexibility. These GFCs are designed for all abilities so book now and enjoy our new classes.

You can take a look at our GFCs timetable at the bottom of this page. You can book a class through the 1Life APP or online, you must first register free for a 1Life card or be a current member.


Personal Training

There are a number of different personal trainers at Downham, catering for everyone’s different needs. Simply click the link below and complete your details to register your interest in Personal Training and we’ll be back in touch asap.

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InBody Machine

The InBody body composition analyser measures your body and provides a detailed, yet easy to understand report.

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