We all need a little help with exercise from time to time, whether we’re new to it and need help getting started, or maybe you’re recovering from injury or you’ve been at it for a long time and need support with training plans, motivation or just making those extra gains.

Our Personal Training options are competitive and our Personal Trainers work hard to help you achieve your goals, whatever they are!

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Frequently Asked Questions


What is the aim of personal training sessions? And the goal of training a client overall?

The aim of personal training sessions is to improve clients understanding of safe and effective exercise while working towards their specific goal.


Why should someone use a Personal Trainer rather than just jumping straight into a routine?

Using a PT will aid in helping you achieve your specific goals, not only does our PT have the knowledge and understanding, but they are also sympathetic and understanding of any barriers, the main aim is to help you on your fitness journey and be with you every step of the way. Having a PT is also very motivating and it helps keep clients accountable!


What’s involved with personal training sessions/coaching?

The PT session will start with a 1:1 private consultation to establish exactly what the member wants to achieve from personal training. Then their current body composition and fitness will be assessed with various tools including the InBody machine, this provides a benchmark/starting point. Afterwards, the PT will take the client into the gym where they will demonstrate some new exercises or techniques that will provide the most benefit. Follow up appointments will check in on progress, provide additional exercises and 1:1 motivation throughout the session so that the member is able to push to their maximum each session.

Do you offer group sessions or just 1-1?  

We only offer 1-1 sessions.


What is the recommended number of sessions? 

Recommended number of sessions per week will vary between each client, this depends on gym experience, and how many sessions you can attend weekly, we always recommend between 1-3 sessions per week.


How long does it take to see results?  

This will depend on what you’re trying to achieve and how much gym time you dedicate to it, plus your diet. But with the right commitment, you can start to see significant results within 4-6 weeks.


Do you offer personal training for all ages and genders?

Yes, we cater for all.


Do I need a gym membership to train with a Personal Trainer?  

Yes, you will need to be a member of the club to train with a PT in our gym.


I’ve never been a member of a gym before, is a Personal Trainer right for me?  

Yes, beginners benefit a lot from using a Personal Trainer. It helps their self-esteem, teaches good techniques and improves confidence in the gym.


I have experience in the gym, will I get much from having a Personal Trainer?

Yes, there is always something you can learn from a PT session. Everyone looks at problems differently, so even if you have a lot of gym knowledge you can benefit from someone else looking at your programme and making suggestions that you might not have thought about.