We all need a little help with exercise sometimes, whether we’re just starting out or we’ve been at it for a long time or just need that extra help to do a bit more. Personal Training at Willesden is run by ‘Your Personal Training’. Simply click the link below and select ‘Willesden Sports Centre’ in the ‘All Clubs’ tab.

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There is a perception that Personal training can be expensive and so many people shy away from it. They’re unsure of what they’ll get out of the experience or whether it’s worth the money. However, there are so many things a personal trainer can do, almost anyone can benefit from working with one and most people find it’s a very worthwhile investment. Check out our top nine reasons to considering using a Personal Trainer

  1. You don’t know where to start

If you’re new to exercise, you soon realise how complex it is and feel you don’t have the knowledge of how to get started. Personal trainers know everything that goes into a complete program: cardio, weight training, and flexibility training and how to fit it into your busy schedule.

  1. You’re not seeing results

If you’ve been exercising consistently for several weeks or months and aren’t losing weight or reaching your goals, hiring a trainer may be a good choice.

  1. You want to learn how to exercise on your own

Even if your goal is to create your own workouts and exercise by yourself, hiring a trainer for a few sessions can be a great benefit for learning the right way to exercise.

  1. You need to be challenged

If you feel like you’re stuck or you’re ready to take your training to the next level, an experienced personal trainer can come up with new ways to challenge you, whether it’s a one off or a series of sessions.

  1. You’re bored with the same old workouts

If you’re an experienced exerciser, it can be a great choice if you need some variety in your workouts. It’s easy to fall into a workout rut, doing the same workouts over and over. Not only is this boring, it can lead to weight loss plateaus, overuse injuries, and burnout.

  1. You need motivation

Motivation comes from all kinds of places. Whether you want to become healthier, lower your blood pressure, look great for a wedding or fit in a bathing suit, a personal trainer can become that motivator.

  1. You have a specific injury, illness or condition

If you have some specific injury or condition, your doctor may want you to exercise. But how do you do that if you’re in pain or must work around an injury? That’s where an experienced trainer comes in. Trainers work with all kinds of people and many of them may have specialties that allow them to work with clients with special needs, but always ensure you speak to your GP first for clearance.

  1. You’re training for a certain sport or event

An experienced personal trainer can be a huge help if you’re into a specific sport or your training for an upcoming event. Whether you’re a runner, golfer or cyclist, there’s almost certainly a trainer out there who can help you up your game.

  1. You want supervision, company and support

Some people already know how to exercise and they even know how to do the exercises correctly, but they like having a trainer around for support and supervision.