We all need a little help with exercise from time to time, whether we’re new to it and need help getting started, or maybe you’re recovering from injury or you’ve been at it for a long time and need support with training plans, motivation or just making those extra gains.

Our Personal Training options are competitive and our Personal Trainers work hard to help you achieve your goals, whatever they are!

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Frequently Asked Questions


What is the aim of personal training sessions? And the goal of training a client overall?

This depends on what the client’s aim is. Everyone has their own goal and reason for starting to train with a Personal Trainer, it could be to improve their technique in certain things in the gym, to help them recover from an injury or to help with chronic conditions that specific exercises can help with, or to lose weight, to gain strength or train for an event. If you’re not sure if a Personal Trainer can help with your goal, book a consultation to speak to them and build an understanding of what to expect.


Why should someone use a Personal Trainer rather than just jumping straight into a routine?

If someone is unsure of what they are doing in the gym, having a Personal Trainer creates a structured programme that will help you get the results you want – they are able to create a programme for you around your goals and help to introduce new exercises and most importantly make sure you are completing them correctly and your technique it good. This will help to prevent injury which would stop you from progressing on your own.


What’s involved with personal training sessions/coaching?

Initial consultation takes place with your PT, where you will discuss your goals, availability, commitment, lifestyle including diet, and any injuries or barriers you may have.

A non-invasive scan takes place using our InBody device, which measures your body composition. You will receive advice on nutrition, as well as training programmes to try and help you build a routine.


Do you offer group sessions or just 1-1?  

We mostly offer 1-1 sessions and group sessions.


What is the recommended number of sessions? 

This depends on your goal and how committed you are to achieving it. For some people having a PT is not a short-term thing, it’s something that helps them maintain a healthy lifestyle consistently so they will continue with a PT for as long as they need to. For other people who have short term goals, such as weight loss, the number of sessions will depend entirely on what your goal is and how committed you are to achieving your goal. You must be realistic, and your personal trainer will work with you to come up with a rough number of sessions during your consultation.


How long does it take to see results?  

It depends on what results you want to see. During your consultation you and your PT will be able to come up with a rough timeline based on your training sessions with and without your PT.

It’s all about effort. If you put the effort in both in the gym and out of the gym (lifestyle changes) then you will quickly start to notice changes – everyone is different so we can’t tell you when you will see results but using our InBody device and having regular scans will show you exactly where you need to work and where you are having success in losing fat and gaining muscle – if that’s your goal.


Do you offer personal training for all ages and genders?

Yes, we cater for all.


Do I need a gym membership to train with a Personal Trainer?  

We offer Personal training packages to full membership holders only.


I’ve never been a member of a gym before, is a Personal Trainer right for me?  

Yes, beginners benefit a lot from using a Personal Trainer. It helps their self-esteem, teaches good techniques and improves confidence in the gym.


I have experience in the gym, will I get much from having a Personal Trainer?

Yes, there is always something you can learn from a PT session. Everyone looks at problems differently, so even if you have a lot of gym knowledge you can benefit from someone else looking at your programme and making suggestions that you might not have thought about.