Changes within our facilities mean that we have created a safe environment for users to exercise at a safe distance to other exercisers.  Updated cleaning schedules and bookable sessions will ensure that areas are clean and capacity within the facility is always controlled.

Studio Spacing

All of our studios have been marked out into individual zones to ensure distancing during classes. We have also reduced the number of participants for each class.

Gym Social Distancing

We have redesigned the layouts of our gyms to ensure 2 metre spacing between equipment. In some centres we have converted other spaces into overflow gyms.

Electro Static Sprayers

Handheld fogging machines are used in all of our centres to constantly provide a sanitising coating.

Sanitiser Stations

You'll find these stations dotted all around our centres.

Designated Walkways

Follow directional signage to keep passage ways clear and help with distancing.

Clear Signage

We have installed clear signage all around our centres giving clear instructions for directions and customer centre expectations.