Why 35 minutes?

What if you could get an effective exercise in just 35 minutes? Time-saving techniques that optimise our routine are always welcome. When it comes to strength training, 35 minutes is the perfect amount of time to effectively work all your body using our equipment circuit. It is not the quantity of time spent that matters, but the quality of the exercise.

Unique results for a unique body

We celebrate individuality at the Health & Fitness Studio and we consider each person unique. Any effort is made to ensure you are given the right and specific fitness experience to achieve your own goals. That’s why your fitness coach will design a program specifically tailored to your needs.

Your personal fitness coach

In other gym's people are often neglected by the coaches. At the Health & Fitness Studio, our friendly staff gives you knowledgeable and personal attention while using the equipment on the circuit, so you can achieve the results you desire on every visit.

Get fitter, get healthier

The benefits of exercise are key to our overall health and quality of life. Core strength, a proper weight, improved mood, high energy levels and lowered risk of diseases - this is where our smart equipment circuit can help.