A different studio

Unlike other gyms, we do our best to provide a comfortable and relaxed atmosphere. You will be part of a friendly environment, miles away from the classic gym. Our smart equipment circuit will help you achieve your fitness goals in just 35 minutes per session.

Bookable sessions

Our sessions are pre-booked, which guarantees no waiting for our equipment. If you are our member, click below to pre-book a session with us.

Why Regular Gyms could push you away?

The intention behind going to a gym is always beneficial, but in practical terms, regular gyms could be crowded and even intimidating sometimes. The way the machines work is not self-explanatory and the needed help is not always there. The environment doesn’t consider each and every member, nor can deal with people’s adaptability and fitness level progressiveness.

Studio etiquette

It is advisable to book your session in advance. You can also just show up at the studio, we’ll do our best to fit you in quickly. Our bookable sessions accommodate a maximum of 12 members per session moving simultaneously around the 12 pieces or equipment making up the circuit If you can not attend a pre-booked session, it would be great to contact us for cancellation. It is advisable to bring a sweat towel and water bottle to ensure personal hygiene and hydration. Studio cleanliness is important, so we would ask you to bring clean trainers. The work-out attire could be anything you are comfortable in. Participants are in charge of their overall health, so we will make you aware of the Health Commitment Statement prior to exercise.