As members, we understand you’d like the administration of your subscription to be handled efficiently. In order to do this, 1Life now employ an authorised third party company called DFC to manage membership Direct Debit Services. They are a bespoke partner working on behalf of 1Life, and are fully compliant to Trading Standards, PCI, FSA scrutinised and their security continuously operates to its highest standards.

To make contact about:

1. Payments

Any queries for payments or to freeze your subscription or to discuss anything about your fitness or swimming lessons subscription, please contact

DFC Customer Services Department on: 01908 101141
Opening times:
Monday – Friday: 8.00am – 6.00pm

Or email:
Or complete a Contact Form via DFC website by going here:

2. Making outstanding payments

If you simply want to pay off any outstanding fitness subscription fees please go here
Or to pay off any outstanding swimming lessons fees please go here home portal

3. Cancellation of Subscriptions

Members who wish to cancel their subscription must complete this survey here:
Once you’ve submitted all your details, you will receive an auto confirmation email, DFC will process your request & will confirm back to you authorisation.