Swimming is a great way to improve fitness, tone up and burn calories. Its low-impact too so there’s less risk of injury and it’s a great addition to other training programmes.

No matter what your goal or ability, 1Life Swimming is here to help you achieve it faster and to give you the chance to say ‘I Did It’.

1Life offers a range of programmes for both children and adults. To find out more please contact your nearest Centre or contact us.

Did you know…

  • Just 30 minutes of steady paced lane swimming burns over 200 calories – well over 400 hundred in an hour!
  • Swimming is great for your heart. As you are using your whole body, your heart has to work hard to pump blood to your arms and legs.
  • The pressure and resistance of water makes your body harder so 30 minutes in water is worth 45 minutes of the same activity on land.
  • Being in water can have great psychological benefits too – the pool can take you away from it all, leaving you refreshed and relaxed. As water takes your weight for those with an injury or disability it can feel totally liberating.