Swim England Aquatic Skills Framework (Learn to Swim Stages 8-10) are about building sport specific skills to encourage focus on aquatic sports.

Developing aquatic skills doesn’t have to stop just because a swimmer has learned to swim.

The Swim England Aquatic Skills Framework gives a swimmer the chance to learn new skills specific to the other aquatic sports:


2. Diving

3. Synchronised swimming

4. Water polo

This framework is all about extending the skills and abilities of young swimmers who would like to do more than swim.

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Swim England Aquatic Skills Framework – Learn to Swim Stages 8-10 Awards

The Learn to Swim Stages 8-10 Awards offered as part of the Swim England Aquatic Skills Framework can focus on anything from competitive swimming to rookie lifesaving and snorkelling. Those swimmers who have got to a point where they are ready to finish Learn to Swim Stage 7 of the Swim England Learn to Swim Programme can be ready to move on to new sports and may be ready to join a Swim England sport specific club.
Swim England recommends that children don’t just stop going to lessons once they can swim, increasing their competence in the water helps to make sure they can keep themselves safe.
This part of the Programme not only teaches a child to swim using the four strokes. It also gives them a number of other skills, which when put together, give children the ability to do a range of other water-based sports.

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Learning to swim is a vital skill that lasts for a lifetime. Through fun-based lessons following the Swim England Learn to Swim Pathway, we have sessions for all – from beginners to advanced register your interest below.

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